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I didn’t know I could paint!  
It started when my girls were in elementary school, being on a tight budget and also
wanting to give/create genuine gifts from the heart, so we painted small artworks for the teachers.
Most paintings were of flowers, I was inspired by an old poster I loved of
Monet’s Years At Giverny that was hanging on the dining room wall... And so it began...
Like Van Gogh, I do actually dream of painting, I have had many dreams come to fruition on canvas.
I paint because I love to paint, because I lose myself, I lose time, at times I feel
like one of the old Masters is by my side helping hold my brush and guiding me. I can honestly
say that I look back at some of my work and have no idea how I painted it.
Every painting has love and happiness put into it. I like to explore and try new things,
sometimes it works, sometimes not, but I am learning and growing every day as an artist.
I hope you enjoy my art as much as I love making it!
All work is one of a kind!

Christa Weeks
Recent commissions for a local couple here in North Myrtle Beach
Above are three 30 inch x 30 inch ink, mixed media and resin on wood panels
Dans le jardin
“In the garden”
30 inch x 68 inch
Ink on yupo
Commissioned piece

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