Christa M Weeks

American, 1972


Work held in various US and European collections.




The artists’ work is rooted in Impressionism, constructing images from freely brushed

colors taking precedence over lines and contours. Inspiration comes from

impressionistic and contemporary abstract styles, and has ultimately had a

tremendous effect on this artist finding their own brush.

In this personal, creative approach, artistic expression evokes a space in time where

beauty is explored and developed using interpretive skills of color, balance and design.

Stimulated by a vision and inner joy, the artist allows color and natures beauty to remain

a guide in developing and expressing an instinctual narrative.

The lure of the next breathtaking image to intersect canvas remains a constant

inspiration in fueling a burning passion to create unforgettable imagery.


Christa M Weeks

N. Myrtle Beach, SC 29582





Myrtle Beach First Friday Art Walk  2017

Seacoast Art Guild WACG  -Juried show  2017

Home & Outdoor Living Expo, Myrtle Beach 2017

Burroughs-Chapin Art Museum (Judge: Douglas Balentine) 2018

Seacoast Art Guild WACG  -Juried show, 2018

William Miller Studios, “Its A Zoo”  2018

The Confident Rabbit, Fredericksburg, VA 2018-2019

Burroughs-Chapin Art Museum (Judge: Gaye Sanders Fisher) 2019 (award)

City of North Myrtle Beach - Artists Everywhere, 2019

Studio B in Market Common, 2019

Home & Outdoor Living Expo, Myrtle Beach 2019

Brawner Art Gallery, North Myrtle Beach 2020

Home & Outdoor Living Expo, Myrtle Beach 2020

Safe Haven 4 Cats, South Carolina - Collectors Cafe Silent Auction 2020





Venmo cmweeksart

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